Part I of Chiefs president Mark Donovan's remarks on London game

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Kansas City Chiefs president Mark Donovan answered questions Thursday about the relocation of the 2015 home game against the Detroit Lions to Wembley Stadium in London.

On the impact on season-ticket holders: "They'll be paying for one less game."

On the loss of a home game for Jackson County, Missouri, taxpayers, who recently gave $250 million for a renovation of Arrowhead Stadium: "We'd all love to have every game at Arrowhead. But this goes back to 2006, when we did the lease. It's contemplated in the lease that there would be an international game and if you had an international game it could be a home game. So this is not a new thought. We've been discussing it with members of the chamber and the city and the state for years that this could happen and when it happens, what's it mean?

"If you look at the history of this franchise and specifically Lamar [Hunt] and what he did and the way he approached the National Football League and the importance of the greater good, this is another example of this family following that tact and that approach. The international series is a priority for the league. It's something that more and more teams ... are playing. Therefore, more and more teams have to give up home games. We're not the first team to give up a home game ... We think it's a great opportunity ... It puts us on a global stage. Our players, our fans and the whole region should benefit."

On whether the Chiefs are now in line to get a Super Bowl: "The Super Bowl decision is more a cold-weather issue than anything else and the league is still going through that process after New York. So this isn't directly related."

On whether the Chiefs volunteered to give up a home game: "More and more teams are going to have to give up games to make the international model work. We strongly believe that. Obviously, Clark [Hunt] is chairman of the international committee. He's been part of the team working on this for years. This all started in the '90s and we've played games in London since '07. So this is part of the process. It is part of our turn in the rotation. But we look at it as a great opportunity. We get to put our brand on the global scale and that's a big advantage for us."

On how this benefits Chiefs fans, who seem mostly upset at the loss of a home game: "I completely understand that and I appreciate that. We knew there would be and there should be fans who are upset about giving up a home game ... The thought of giving up a conference game or a division game, we were pretty adamant that wasn't going to happen. When you look at our schedule next year, we said, 'No, we're not giving that game up.' ... It's a tougher discussion to have with a fan [about] today and next season and what this means today. This is a long-term prospect, a long-term benefit for the league but selfishly it's a long-term benefit for the Kansas City Chiefs ... The opportunity to be on this stage is valuable."

More from Donovan will come shortly.