Chiefs have time to get their act together

OAKLAND, Calif. -- The Kansas City Chiefs paid a heavy price for it, but at least they’ll have some time to get their act back together in time for their next game. It’s a big one. The 7-4 Chiefs will face the Denver Broncos on Nov. 30 at Arrowhead Stadium.

The Chiefs failed to take care of business on the short week, losing Thursday night to the previously winless Oakland Raiders 24-20.

“We have a little time here to regroup and get healthy,’’ quarterback Alex Smith said. “We come back home and then we’ve got another big division game, and we are about to handle this the right way. We’re going to build from it. As weird as that is to say, you only got two choices to be able to handle something like this. We can regroup and get it together. We still got a lot in front of us.”

With respect to eventually winning the AFC West championship, the Chiefs are only a half-game behind the 7-3 Broncos. But the loss to the Raiders is potentially devastating to the Chiefs as far as tiebreakers against the Broncos. The Chiefs would even the season series against Denver by winning next Sunday night, but the Broncos are still likely to finish with a better record in divisional games, which would allow them to win a tiebreaker against the Chiefs.

Much needs to play out before all of that get decided. And perhaps the Broncos will lose on Sunday to the Miami Dolphins and give the Chiefs a gift like the one Kansas City handed out on Thursday.