Mailbag: Will this be a big game for Travis Kelce?

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Here is this week's edition of the Kansas City Chiefs mailbag. To ask a question for a future edition, send it to me via Twitter (@adamteicher) and tag it #ChiefsMail.

@adamteicher: It's never easy to predict what the Chiefs will do with their game plan, but you are right that the Cardinals have given up some passes to tight ends this year. Opposing passers have a 116 passer rating when throwing to a tight end and complete 77 percent of those passes. So it could be a big game for Travis Kelce and perhaps Anthony Fasano. The Chiefs would like to utilize those three-tight end formations they were so successful with early in the season. They might be able to get back to them Sunday after signing veteran Richard Gordon.

@adamteicher: Reid is a respected coordinator and play-caller. Last Sunday's game against Denver was a tough one for the Chiefs offensively, but I don't put that on Reid. The Broncos were just too good for the Chiefs. The Chiefs couldn't block for Jamaal Charles, who had to earn every yard he rushed for, or protect Alex Smith. It's hard to call plays when little is working.

@adamteicher: Sean Smith is playing well at cornerback, but the Chiefs have had trouble finding someone to play that other spot consistently well. Cason might make some sense in that regard. But the fact he's out there without a job at this point in the season should be a red flag. Is he really at this point better than Phillip Gaines, Ron Parker, Jamell Fleming or Marcus Cooper? If he is, the Chiefs should take a look. Otherwise they're better off staying with what they have.

@adamteicher: Dwayne Bowe isn't playing up to the contract he signed last year for about $11 million per, so there is a good chance he is in his last season for the Chiefs. But if the Chiefs cut him, they have to be aggressive about finding a replacement. They should have drafted a receiver last year.

@adamteicher: Given the uncertainty with Justin Houston 's contract and the fact the Chiefs clearly aren't comfortable with Dee Ford, it's hard to see the Chiefs dumping Tamba Hali at this point. Perhaps he would agree to a pay cut. But unless the Chiefs get Houston signed to a long-term contract or Ford demonstrates he's ready to play, Hali is too valuable for the Chiefs to turn loose.

@adamteicher: The Chiefs might have to make some choices because Houston is going to be expensive one way or the other. The Chiefs don't need to rebuild their defensive line, but the offensive line is another matter. They have two journeymen (Mike McGlynn and Ryan Harris) starting for them now. They need to re-sign Rodney Hudson, but otherwise I don't see them being big spenders on the offensive line in free agency. Their starters next year might be Hudson, Jeff Allen, Donald Stephenson, Eric Fisher and Zach Fulton. They have a couple of developmental linemen who could break into the lineup and perhaps the Chiefs will draft a prospect who can help.