Adding Carlos Gomez would help Mets contend now and next year

This analysis responded to initial reports that the Mets and Brewers were about to strike a deal sending Carlos Gomez to New York, before Mets GM Sandy Alderson subsequently refuted those reports later Wednesday night. Still, getting Carlos Gomez would do the Mets a lot of good.

Now this is a deal that would make sense for the New York Mets: It makes them better this year and next year, and the price here is in line with what they're getting back -- probably in their favor. They've made three moves this month, but this is the first one that could make a tangible difference to their playoff chances in 2015.

I think even Mets fans would say that their outfield has been a joke this year, but with Carlos Gomez in center field between rookie Michael Conforto and Curtis Granderson, with all-world defender Juan Lagares on the bench, now it looks like a strength. Gomez was originally a Met and went to the Minnesota Twins in the Johan Santana trade, and is now the best position player on the roster.