Phillies effectively reload their farm system with Cole Hamels deal

Cole Hamels represented the Philadelphia Phillies' best chance to accelerate the long-overdue rebuilding of their farm system, given his contract and the quality of his performance over the past few years. He makes the Texas Rangers better now and for next year, but at a price that pushes the Phillies' farm system forward significantly.

The Rangers are four games out of the second wild-card spot at this writing, seven out of the top slot, and would have to pass at least six other teams to make the playoffs. So while Hamels helps them this year to the tune of probably a win and a half or more of added value, the real boost is for 2016 and beyond, when the Rangers project to be a better club and could roll out a rotation of Hamels, a healthy Yu Darvish, a healthy Martin Perez and Chi Chi Gonzalez.