The good (White Sox), the bad (Reds) and the odd (Dodgers) of Frazier trade

Todd Frazier traded to White Sox (0:58)

Buster Olney breaks down the three-team trade sending Todd Frazier to the White Sox. (0:58)

I'm floored that this is all the Reds could get for two years of Todd Frazier.

Jose Peraza is the one serious prospect they're getting back, and even he has seen his value dip a bit because of a disappointing 2015 season, in which his lack of power or patience showed his reliance on batting average. Peraza is a former shortstop who was moved to second base in one of many ill-fated decisions under Atlanta's previous regime, although I think he could probably handle shortstop if he were given time to readjust to it. Otherwise he's a potential 70 defender (in the 20-80 scouting scale) at second who makes a lot of contact and is a plus-plus runner but has a little of that Billy Hamilton disease at the plate.