While Andrew Miller prepares Indians for October, Yankees keep adding big-time prospects

Yankees now have top 2 or 3 farm system (1:10)

Keith Law analyzes how the Yankees farm system has been transformed following the trades of Aroldis Chapman and Andrew Miller. (1:10)

The Cleveland Indians get the best reliever likely to change teams this year -- maybe the best reliever in baseball, period -- and he's under team control for two more years beyond 2016.

Andrew Miller is a game-changing pitcher, the way Aroldis Chapman is, but like any reliever, Miller isn't likely to deliver much value in the two months remaining in the regular season -- probably about 20-22 innings, given how he's been used this year and last.

Miller is in Cleveland for October more than anything else, and he has shown a ridiculous ability to miss bats, striking out just under 40 percent of the batters he has faced since he became a full-time reliever in 2012. Hitters just can't lay off his slider, which frequently finishes out of the zone; MLB's statcast data shows hitters this year have swung and missed at 112 of his 420 sliders (27 percent). With Cleveland six up in the loss column, getting Miller doesn't change its chances of winning the division this year, but he'll make the team more likely to win close games in October.

The Yankees have now traded two of their three premium relievers, and have done extremely well in both trades, landing multiple pieces with significant major league potential.