Time to end the Diamondbacks' reign of error

The Diamondbacks have headed in the wrong direction under Tony La Russa's and Dave Stewart's leadership. USA TODAY Sports

The Arizona Diamondbacks have some major decisions to make on the future of their front office, including a contract option for GM Dave Stewart for 2017 that must be exercised or declined by Aug. 31 and the soon-to-expire contract of "Chief Baseball Officer" Tony La Russa. These decisions should be incredibly easy for an organization that has done nothing but go backward since their hires. The La Russa/Stewart Reign of Error has been as mistake-filled as any front office regime in the last five years, with most of their gaffes becoming public embarrassments to the organization, contributing to the perception around the sport that Arizona's front office is a laughingstock, falling well behind the rest of the industry in its processes and capabilities.

Just look at their track record of bad decisions: