Outfielders Buyer's Guide: Could Dodgers move Puig?

Yasiel Puig's poor season included a demotion back to Triple-A. Chris Williams/Icon Sportswire

Free agency has begun and Keith Law picks out possible best values, worst values and trade targets across every position group. He begins his annual series with a look at the outfielders who have hit free agency, as well as some potential trade targets.

Here's a look at this year's market for outfielders:

Free agents of note

Some players whose place on my rankings may have surprised you for one reason or the other.

Carlos GomezCarlos Gomez, CF: Gomez was a borderline MVP candidate two years ago, fell apart in every possible way in a year-plus with Houston, then started to show signs of life after the Astros released him and the Rangers signed him. I would guess that every team interested in outfield help looks at Gomez the way I do here -- we know what he was, and we know he might still be that player, but we have to discount the potential value heavily for the nonperformance while with Houston. Someone is going to pay Gomez more than they'd like to pay a player with this kind of track record, but I really think there's enough of a chance that he bounces back to at least be an average regular in center -- low OBP, power, average or better defense -- that I'd err on the higher side of bidding.