Infielders/catchers Buyer's Guide: Napoli, Arenado available options

Will Mike Napoli's party move somewhere else next season? And how fast could the Rockies rebuild their system if they traded -- gulp! -- Nolan Arenado? Getty Images

Free agency has begun and Keith Law picks out possible best values, worst values and trade targets across every position group. He now continues his annual series with a look at the infielders and catchers who have hit free agency, as well as some potential trade targets.

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Here's a look at this year's market for infielders and catchers:

Free agents of note

Mike NapoliMike Napoli, 1B: Napoli was not on my top 50 free agents, and I received more questions about him (including one from my editor) than any other player who didn't make the list. (Note that I didn't receive any questions about any other player who didn't make the list, so that wasn't hard.) Napoli got plenty of playing time -- only five free agents had more plate appearances in 2016 -- and didn't do much with it, striking out in 30 percent of his at bats, posting a .335 OBP and providing no defensive value whatsoever, so he's really just a DH with some power, but not Mark Trumbo-level power. This represented about one win of total value, and that was an improvement over what he provided in 2015. He'll play at 35 in 2017 and is probably a platoon DH who should sit against at least good right-handed pitching, which is not a player I'd give more than $2 million given the shortage of bench spots for hitters.