Key about Amari Cooper: Work ethic

The Oakland Raiders are on the clock with the No. 4 overall pick in exactly five weeks and a day.

Unless they trade the pick (which is seemingly more unlikely with all the chatter that Oregon quarterback Marcus Mariota may go No. 2 to Tennessee), the Raiders are likely to take a receiver. Sure, Oakland could use the pick on its other top need – a pass-rusher – but the odds are strong Oakland will look for a playmaker to help promising young quarterback Derek Carr. The Raiders have yet to give Carr an impact player this offseason.

Of course, the two prime candidates to be given the chance to solve Oakland’s receiver problem are Alabama’s Amari Cooper and West Virginia’s Kevin White. Both are considered top-tier players.

I’m sure I will continue to write about these two often as we head toward the draft, with the odds being that one of these two players will end up wearing the Silver and Black.

In an Insider piece, ESPN draft expert Mel Kiper made another case why Cooper is the perfect fit for the Raiders. Here is some of Kiper’s reasoning: "[Cooper] has 'work ethic' tied to his name as much or more than any other great player in the draft. I think he's your best bet to be a No. 1 wide receiver against seasoned NFL defensive backs early in his career as any wideout in this draft."

Receiver has long been known as a “diva” position. I’ve never heard that word assisted with Cooper, who is extremely polished at just 20 years old. Over the years, supremely talented receivers who also come with a strong work ethic usually are sure bets to have a long, impactful career.

That’s why I continue to think the Raiders need to bring Cooper and his work ethic to Oakland. Of course, this not suggesting White doesn’t possess a strong work ethic, too. But Cooper is known for it and, along with all his other qualities, to me he seems to be the perfect choice at No. 4.