Jason Campbell played big role for Oakland Raiders

Former NFL starting quarterback Jason Campbell is quietly planning to retire from the NFL at the age of 33, according to NFL.com.

Campbell has played just nine games in the past three years and his 10-season career will be remembered for injuries and inconsistency. The stark truth is that Campbell was just another quarterback in between Jamarcus Russell and Derek Carr.

Yet, Campbell played a key role for the Oakland Raiders.

The Raiders acquired him in a 2010 trade with Washington for a fourth-round pick. After starting 12 games for the 8-8 2010 team, Campbell had a hot start to the 2011 season. However, he broke his collarbone in the sixth game for the 4-2 Raiders.

The Raiders were legitimate playoff contenders at the time of Campbell's injury. So Oakland head coach Hue Jackson made a blockbuster trade two days after the injury to acquire Cincinnati holdout quarterback Carson Palmer at the trade deadline.

The Raiders' surrendered their 2012 first-round pick and their second-round pick in 2013 for Palmer. The big price tag stunned the NFL, while Jackson called the deal “the greatest trade in football.” Palmer was rusty with Oakland after the trade and the team's 4-2 start turned into a 8-8 finish and another non-playoff season. Jackson was fired after the season and is now the offensive coordinator with the Bengals. The Raiders traded Palmer to Arizona in 2013 for a late-round pick because he wouldn't take a pay cut.

The Palmer deal turned out to hurt Oakland's development because it cost them key draft picks and he couldn't make them a winner. Oakland is still trying to find its winning ways, but the Raiders do feel they have solved their quarterback position with Carr.

Had Campbell not been hurt, the Raiders could have continued their hot start in 2011 without trading away two key draft picks. Perhaps Jackson, one of the more promising of Oakland's seven head coaches between 2004-2015, would have kept his job.

As he leaves the game, it is worth noting Campbell was very likely just a short-term answer in Oakland even if he stayed healthy. He wouldn't have changed the long-term course for the Raiders at the position, but his injury did have a lasting impact on the franchise.