Tim Brown didn't think of HOF during playing days

During his five years awaiting his election into the Pro Football Hall of Fame, Tim Brown often admitted the wait wore on him.

Brown -- a superstar receiver and return man for the Los Angeles and Oakland Raiders -- was one of 15 modern-day finalists six times since being eligible, starting in 2010. This past winter, Brown's long wait for induction ended when he was elected into the Hall of Fame. That journey reaches its end Saturday when he is enshrined in the Hall of Fame.

While Brown, now 49, struggled with the wait in retirement, he didn't exactly spend time fretting about it in during his playing days. In fact, it wasn't until the end of his decorated career that the thought of going to Canton ever crossed his mind.

"I think I was 33 or 34 the first time someone mentioned to me that my numbers may be good enough to get in the Hall of Fame," Brown recently said. "It really wasn't something I thought about. I was so focused on trying to finish my career and get to the Super Bowl and win a Super Bowl. That was all that mattered to me. I think at that particular point, that was the first time that it was mentioned to me. You couldn't help but to think about it a little afterwards, but thankfully I still had the focus to stay on the grind and to try to get something done with the team. I always had that as a bigger priority than anything else that we were trying to accomplish."

Brown, who finished his career playing for his former Oakland coach, Jon Gruden, in Tampa Bay, lost his only Super Bowl with the Raiders. The Raiders never won the big one with Brown, but Saturday, he becomes yet another Raider immortal. Finally.