Derek Carr: Amari Cooper will be a productive player for us

AP Photo/Noah Berger

What was your reaction when the Raiders drafted Amari Cooper?

Derek Carr: Excitement. I knew we were going to get a good player with the No. 4. We were going to get someone good, and we did. I was very excited to see Amari come to this team.

What does he bring to this offense that was missing last year?

Carr: He’s really good in and out his breaks. He has good command of his route tree. He’s going to be a productive player for us.

What are your expectations for Cooper in Year 1? Do you think he can have an impact.

Carr: I think my expectations of him are the same as he has for himself. I just want to see him come in, compete and make plays, and I think we will see him do that.

Is the no-huddle in the NFL as comfortable as it was at Fresno State?

Carr: Oh yeah, it feels great. ... They are building this offense around me, and I’m really excited about it.

You’ve played 16 NFL games and you are on your third head coach. That has to be difficult, correct?

Carr: It’s hard. But life is hard. My hope is that Coach [Jack] Del Rio will be my last NFL coach. Let’s make it three coaches in one year and three coaches for 15 years. That’s the plan. I want to do everything I can to make that happen.