J'Marcus Webb and Mike Tice continue their bond with Raiders

It’s no surprise that after not playing in the NFL last season, J'Marcus Webb is coming back as a Raider.

It’s all because of Mike Tice.

Tice, considered one of the better position coaches in the league, became the Oakland Raiders' offensive line coach in January. Thus, it was fitting when the Raiders signed Webb shortly after. Tice said Webb is “like my son.”

The two built a relationship when Tice worked him out prior to the 2010 draft while with Chicago. The Bears then drafted Webb, who became their left tackle.

After being cut by Kansas City last summer, the 27-year-old Webb did not play last season. He has the inside track to be Oakland’s starting right guard, though.

“J'Marcus is special to me,” Tice said. “He’s a good kid and a good player. I’m happy we have him.”

Webb said it means a lot to him to be back with Tice.

“He’s been a great guy to work with. I was definitely happy about the new opportunity, whichever opportunity that was," Webb said. "Since I’m here, I’m at guard and it’s very exciting to have a new year here with the Raiders.”

Tice and Webb’s relationship hasn’t been without its bumps. In 2011, the very blunt and Tice said Webb needed to “buck up.” The next year, Tice challenged Webb again saying he wanted to see Webb "mature as a football player and as a person and get better and show us that this means something to him.”

Tice now smiles about those comments. He said it was all about the coaching process with Webb. “If you don’t like something, you fix it ... J’Marcus is doing well.”

Webb is clearly at terms with Tice’s approach.

“He let me play and he likes to win,” Webb said. “He taught me how to win and how to communicate and how to get my job done on a consistent basis.”