Raiders' Derek Carr struggles when blitzed

In Derek Carr's first four games as an NFL starter, it is clear that his biggest issues arise when he is pressured.

According to ESPN Stats & Information, the Oakland Raiders quarterback entered Sunday’s 38-14 loss to Miami completing 71 percent of his passes and a 70.8 Total QBR when facing a four-man rush. Both of those numbers are strong. However, his numbers dipped dramatically when blitzed. His completion percentage was 48.7 and his Total QBR was a dreadful 9.7.

According to Pro Football Focus, those numbers didn’t improve against the Dolphins, a game in which Carr departed with a high-ankle sprain and a sprained MCL in his knee. Carr completed 2 of 5 passes for 14 yards with an interception and a sack.

I don’t find these numbers overly shocking. He’s a rookie. Facing NFL pressure is a lot different than what the second-round pick faced at Fresno State. His struggles are to be expected.

The focus here needs to be on how quickly Carr can improve. If it continues to be a problem all year, it will certainly have to be a coaching focal point in the offseason.