Chargers will pop pads Saturday in Day 3 of training camp

SAN DIEGO -- It's the day Melvin Ingram has been looking forward to since offseason work began in April.

"You separate the boys from the men," Ingram said.

Ingram and the rest of his teammates will get an opportunity to hit each other with the first day in pads for the San Diego Chargers taking place Saturday.

"Football is played in pads," Chargers head coach Mike McCoy said. "So it's an exciting time tomorrow to put the pads on, and for our fans to see our players in pads -- see the physical and the exciting style we're going to play this year, and moving forward."

Center Chris Watt said he's looking forward to watching fellow offensive lineman Orlando Franklin show the physical way he plays during practice Saturday, along with the rest of the offensive line.

"He wants to get after people, you can tell," Watt said about Franklin. "I don't think he likes these type of acclimation periods right now, to be honest. I don't think anybody really does -- maybe the DBs. I'm excited to work with him in combinations. I think people are excited to see what he and King [Dunla]) can do on a double team."

Defense dominates: McCoy said the focus of Day 2 of training camp on Friday for San Diego was third down, and the defense got the best of the offense. "I think the defense won the day," McCoy said. "I think they did an outstanding job of understanding what [defensive coordinator] John Pagano wants from the defense, whether it's a good pass rush or tight coverage. So they out-executed the offense today."

Attaochu shines: Second-year pro Jeremiah Attaochu flashed energy and athleticism during one-on-one pass drills, bending low and beating left tackle King Dunlap on a speed rush. Other young rushers who flashed during the drill include Cordarro Law, along with rookies Ryan Mueller and Kyle Emanuel.

Jones still has it: Entering his ninth season, return man Jacoby Jones showed he still has the ability to make defenders miss during punt return drills, routinely juking defenders and quickly getting up the field. Jones said he's at 210 pounds, with 5 percent body fat. It's the lightest Jones has been since he entered the league. He also made a nice play on offense, reeling in a deep pass from Kellen Clemens. "Iron sharpens iron," Jones said. "So you're trying to get those guys to understand how to contain returner, and for us to try and make guys miss when we're in the open field."