Doc doesn't understand the fuss about emojis

AP Images/LM Otero

BOSTON -- Clippers coach Doc Rivers was asked during a return trip here Wednesday to explain the whole DeAndre Jordan saga and whether he had turned his attention to other possible options when Jordan initially agreed to sign with Dallas.

“Plan B started when his agent called me and told me he was going to Dallas. But Plan A came back in, literally within 24 hours,” said Rivers. "It wasn’t that long that we got wind that he felt like he was snookered or whatever, and he wanted to change his mind. Honestly I think it would have happened quicker. But DeAndre, if you know him, he’s such a loving, nice kid. He was scared to do it. Like, he was worried about how it was going to look. To me, I kept saying, ‘Wait a minute, you’re going to not do something right because you’re worried about how it looks?’ …

"So it was a hard one for him. That whole [flip-flop] day was comical. It was hilarious because it was portrayed as one thing, but it was so not that. But it was funny as hell. We’re sitting there laughing because we’re all over his house watching TV. And every time one of those stupid little memes, whatever they call them -- yeah, emojis. I felt like Paul [Pierce], with the rocketship, I didn’t even get that. Like, why was that so funny? And they were like, that’s not it at all. They told me.

“But, anyway, it was good that [Jordan] came back. I think it was good for our franchise, obviously. It made me smart.”