Welcome to L.A.: Sean McVay's home purchase is now news

LOS ANGELES -- Sean McVay had his "welcome to L.A." moment -- when the purchase of his house became news.

"It's all over TMZ yesterday," McVay, the Los Angeles Rams' 31-year-old rookie head coach, lamented during breakfast Wednesday at the owners meetings. "I closed on a place earlier this week. My girlfriend -- she's on social media, I'm not -- she says, 'You know, it's everywhere, where we're living and all that stuff.'"

McVay purchased a home in the L.A. neighborhood of Encino, which is located northwest of Beverly Hills and tucked behind the eastern tip of the Santa Monica Mountains. It resides roughly 30 miles southeast of the Rams' facility in Thousand Oaks. McVay purchased the home for $2.71 million, according to a real estate blog on Trulia. It's a six-bed, six-bath, 4,660-square-foot home in the hills, with a rebuilt kitchen and an open-concept floor plan.

But McVay won't be living in it just yet.

"It'll probably be a month until I get in," McVay said. "My mom's an interior designer, so she's going to do a bunch of different things and spend a bunch of my money."

He isn't kidding.

"It's funny," McVay said, "because she's done the last two places that I've lived, and she has a great feel for it. Then she gives you the bill, and you say, 'What kind of deal is this for your son?' She says, 'This is the [family] discount.' I said, 'Geez, Mom, you got pretty expensive.'"

McVay, the youngest head coach in the NFL's modern era, was born in Dayton, Ohio. He grew up in Atlanta, attended college at Miami (Ohio), then coached in Florida and Washington, D.C. His new job will give him his first real exposure to the West Coast and his first taste of Pacific time, which can be tricky.

"That's the one biggest change," McVay said. "I love being in a city with great weather. I like to be outdoors as much as possible. It's, like, teasing me, though, when you see how nice it is and you're inside doing some different stuff. But I've loved every second of it. Where our facilities are, it's in a great place in Thousand Oaks. The biggest thing is getting used to communicating with people back East on the three-hour time difference."

ESPN's Eric Williams contributed to this report.