Patrick Mahomes tops Mike Trout for biggest contract in sports history

How Mahomes is protected with guarantees in his new contract (0:54)

Adam Schefter breaks down some details of Patrick Mahomes' 10-year contract extension with the Chiefs. (0:54)

The coronavirus pandemic put a halt to virtually every major sport in the world, but it couldn't stop the sports business from booming -- at least if you're an elite athlete, the best of the best.

In March 2019, Los Angeles Angels outfielder Mike Trout signed the largest contract in professional sports history, worth $426.5 million. Just sixteen months later, despite a virus that has wreaked havoc across the globe, Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes has topped Trout.

Of course, Mahomes is coming off a 50-touchdown, 5,000-yard season in 2018 and a Super Bowl title in 2019.

In case you're curious, here are the top five contracts on the all-time list, according to ESPN Stats & Information: