Angels fly frequently this season

Most years, it's a three-way battle between the Seattle Mariners, Oakland A's and the Angels: Who will log the most miles in the air.

Good news, Angels fans: your team won. The Angels, according to the team's Minister of Information, Eric Kay, will fly 50,509 miles in 2010, most in the majors.

If you're a player who doesn't like long flights, it pays to sign with somebody in the middle of the country. The Chicago White Sox will fly the fewest miles this season, just 22,832.

Wonder if there's any connection between long flights and performance.

By the way, I heard the Minnesota Twins are pretty ticked off about having to play a night game here Thursday before traveling overnight to Chicago, where they play the next day. The Angels have been notorious for years at refusing teams' requests for afternoon games on getaway day.