C.J. Wilson takes a Twitter vacation

It’s typical to see pitchers running in the outfield during spring training games. It’s less common to see them running before games.

C.J. Wilson has been jogging a mile or two along the warning track before each of his Cactus League starts to simulate the rigors of a regular-season outing. Before Tuesday’s 6-4 loss to the Kansas City Royals -- in which Wilson went five strong innings -- he tried something else to sharpen up.

“I stayed off Twitter today, so my thumbs were fresh,” Wilson said.

The reference, of course, was to Wilson’s tweet over the weekend revealing ex-teammate Mike Napoli’s phone number, something Wilson called a “prank.” Napoli reacted angrily to reporters earlier this week, saying he didn’t consider it a prank.

Wilson had no further comment on the matter, but when he was talking about working with a new set of Angels catchers, he named each of the six Texas Rangers catchers he had worked with over the previous few years, omitting one. When a reporter suggested it was Napoli, he replied, “Oh yeah, Napoli.”