All appears quiet on the trade front

The Angels' search for a replacement for Kendry Morales at first base hasn't stalled, but it also hasn't been put on a fast track.

One reason for the Angels to take their time: money. The longer they wait, the longer a player's current team will be paying his salary. If the player is well-compensated, like the Chicago White Sox's Paul Konerko ($12 million) or Boston Red Sox's Mike Lowell ($12.5 million), waiting another seven weeks could save the Angels as much as $3-$4 million.

"There's always a financial component when you're talking about acquiring players," Angels general manager Tony Reagins said. "You just have to evaluate the return on your investment and how good a fit the player is with your ball club."

Utility infielder Kevin Frandsen started at first base for the Angels Monday night against the Milwaukee Brewers. He was the fourth player to start there since Morales' injury on May 29.

The Angels' aren't in the most advantageous position in trade talks since other teams know they're searching for first-base help, but Reagins said he's also looking at hitters who play other positions.

"I don't consider us over a barrel," Angels manager Mike Scioscia said. "If there's something out there that makes sense, Tony will act on it and he'll act on it quickly. I think we have a little more depth than people perceive."