World Cup at Gladstone's

Tucked into the back of Gladstone’s, the legendary Malibu restaurant nestled along the Pacific Coast, was a guarded room showing the World Cup to VIPs, or at least that’s what the security guard at the door was claiming.

Thankfully the World Cup viewing party at Gladstones was being throwing by ESPN The Magazine and when you’re rolling with Marcellus Wiley you can pretend to be a VIP even if you’re not. While most of the crowd at Gladstones watched the game on the oversized Jumbotron outside causing traffic jams on the Pacific Coast Highway or on the various flatscreens throughout the establishment, the VIP viewing room was showing the game in 3D.

The room looked more like a bad sci-fi convention than a VIP area with everyone wearing glasses and transfixed on the TV. I thought I had walked into a screening of Captain EO at Disneyland. Now I’ve heard about ESPN3D (hey, I read the company-wide e-mails) but experiencing it for the first time was pretty amazing. There are still a few hiccups (there was a sound delay with the announcers and the feed cut out a couple times) but field level shots of players who literally look like they were walking in front of you are nothing short of spectacular.

As if watching the World Cup in 3D was already good enough the endless supply of mojitos and mimosas added another dimension to the game (but that’s another story).

Since I’ve been a fan of Dutch football since my father sang the praises of Johan Cruyff growing up, I was pulling for the Netherlands. To even things up, I was joined by my friend Bridgetta Tomarchio, who picked Spain because, well, I’ll let her explain.

“I think their guys are hot,” she said.

You may recognize Bridgetta as the girl in those Extenze infomercials playing on your TVs late night or while you’re at a bar during last call. These days you can find Jimmy Johnson hawking the male enhancement pill while you’re watching ESPN.

“I don’t know if I’m being faded out but I wanted to do a commercial with him in something little maybe interviewing him,” she said. “That’s OK, We’ll see. I’m starring in a new film, 6 non-smokers, where I’m actually going to have my clothes on the entire film.”

Well, that’s a start.