Moon still trying to find his niche

Warren Moon has been out of football for 10 years now and by his own admission wasn’t quite sure what he wanted to do with his life after a professional football that actually spanned four decades from his rookie year with the Edmonton Eskimos in 1978 to his last season with the Kansas City Chiefs in 2000. After he left the game he tried his hand in, well, I’ll let him run down the list of endeavors he dabbled in.

“I got involved in broadcasting when I first got out of the game,” said Moon. “I did a bunch of charity work, I got involved in a sports agency and all of those different experiences led me to where I am right now.”

Moon, who wore No. 1 throughout his 17-season NFL career, is now forming a new venture, Sports 1 Marketing, which will offer services for corporate or event clients with athletes and coaches to formulate advertising and sponsorship campaigns.

Moon had been worked with his agent Leigh Steinberg but in December Steinberg told his employees at Steinberg Sports & Entertainment that he was going in a different and was going to take care of himself. (Steinberg had been arrested twice for being drunk in public and drunk driving within an 18-month period two years ago.)

“Leigh is going through some things right now in his private life where he’s taking sometime away from being involved in business,” said Moon, who hosted a launch party for his new venture at the X Bar at the Hyatt Regency Century Plaza. “He’s really getting himself together. I’m happy to say he’s doing well. I learned so much from him and met so many great people being associated with him and that’s why I feel I’m ready for this opportunity.”

Dave Meltzer, who was the CEO of Steinberg Sports & Entertainment, joined Moon in the same capacity.

“I was at a loss (when I heard about Leigh) because Leigh Steinberg was my mentor and still is,” said Meltzer. “It was difficult for me but Warren gave me and our team a call and he was interested in continuing to work with our team.”

So Moon is now taking the baton from Steinberg and trying his hand in marketing. If he does well and makes a lot of money, he thinks he just may have found his calling.

“When I retired I wanted to get involved in things where I could first of all, make a lot of money for myself,” he said, “And make a lot of money for the needy.”

Yes, but first things first, take care of No. 1.