Dwight Howard wants in on Lob City?

The Clippers already pulled off one blockbuster trade this season when they acquired Chris Paul from the New Orleans Hornets. Don't hold your breath waiting for them pull off another and land Dwight Howard from the Orlando Magic.

According to a report on SheridanHoops.com Monday evening, Howard has added the Clippers to his list of teams he'd accept a trade to, joining the New Jersey Nets, Los Angeles Lakers and Dallas Mavericks. A league source told ESPNLosAngeles.com that the Magic haven't had any serious discussions with the Clippers about Howard since the lockout was lifted.

While the Clippers would always be open to such a deal, it's difficult to see how they could ever pull it off.

The Magic would almost certainly ask for Blake Griffin to be included in such a trade, which is an instant non-starter for the Clippers. As general manager Neil Olshey boasted last season, "I can guarantee you [Blake] will only ever be a Clipper."

But even if they were willing to entertain the idea for five minutes, or just for argument's sake, that deal wouldn't make sense for the Magic because it's hard to imagine Griffin wanting to sign an extension with Orlando, for the very same reasons Howard is having doubts.

So that leaves Paul and young center DeAndre Jordan as trade chips. Like Griffin, Paul is a non-starter for the Clippers who essentially moved heaven and earth to get him from the Hornets. Jordan probably isn't enough for the Magic on his own, and he can't be traded without his permission until July 1st under league rules, because the Clippers matched the four-year, $43 million offer sheet he signed with the Golden State Warriors in the offseason.

In other words: there might be some behind this idea, but it's hard to see a way to make it happen.