Clippers not concerned with Lakers history

LOS ANGELES -- When the Los Angeles Clippers and Los Angeles Lakers square off Wednesday it will be a Clippers home game at Staples Center, the arena both teams call home. This means oversized photos of Clippers players will be hanging over and hiding the Lakers' championship banners and retired jerseys.

Clippers coach Doc Rivers began this practice for Clippers home games when he came to Los Angeles and understands when Lakers fans taunt the Clippers for having no banners.

“They're right, we have zero titles,” Rivers said. “They have 16 or [11] in this city. They're right. Our job is to win a title. Not because of the Lakers, our job is to win a title because we're the Clippers and we want to win a title as the Clippers. That's it. We're not going to catch them in the next 16 years for sure. It's going to be hard to do that. They got a head start, one hell of a head start right now.”

Rivers, who never understood why the Clippers didn't hide the Lakers' banners when he was coaching the Boston Celtics, said he understood the desire for Lakers fans to harp on the past.

“They do have their history and you know what, they should celebrate it and they can talk about it,” Rivers said. “That doesn't bother me at all. They do it a lot in Boston.”

While the Lakers have a storied history, Clippers forward Blake Griffin was quick to point out that Kobe Bryant, who has won five titles and played in seven Finals with the Lakers, is the only player on the current Lakers roster who can claim a piece of the team's history.

“Those 16 championships are something you can never take away from them as a team,” Griffin said. “Kobe's got his championships and he's had an unbelievable career but you take a look at the rest of the roster and you take a look at who's been there. It's not like our guys have been here for the past 30 years either and had all this history. It's not like we go out and carry this history of not making the playoffs because we have been here that long. We're working on us right now. We're not really working on our past. The Lakers have a great franchise and they've had a lot of success and Kobe has had an unbelievable career but we're worried about us right now.”

The Clippers have won the past four meetings against the Lakers and eight of the past nine but Clippers players didn't seem particularly interested in facing their in-arena rivals.

“Honestly I could care less about beating the Lakers,” Clippers center DeAndre Jordan said. “If we're worried about beating the Lakers then we're in trouble. We're not just trying to beat them. We have 28 other teams in the league we're trying to beat. We can't worry about beating them. I don't care about that at all.”