Rivers fires back at Warriors' Green (again)

OKLAHOMA CITY -- Dahntay Jones bumping Draymond Green as he walked off the court last Sunday has prompted a seamlessly never-ending war of words between Green and Clippers coach Doc Rivers.

After Jones was fined $10,000 for the bump on Monday, Rivers laughed and said, “Wow, that was such a violent bump. It was amazing. I told Dahntay, 'You have to be careful; that was too hard.' I guess that tough guy in Golden State -- I think that bump was too hard for him, clearly the way he reacted, my goodness. I thought that guy was tough."

When Green was played Rivers’ comments during a radio interview on KNBR on Tuesday he said, “Cool story, Glenn. I'm done with that situation, man. ... I don't have no reason to worry about what Glenn has to say.”

On Wednesday, Rivers laughed when he heard Green use his birth name in an attempted slight.

“Clearly they’re thinking about us more than we know,” Rivers said. “It makes me happy that I could get someone mad. That probably made my day.”

The Clippers play the Warriors for the final time in the regular season on March 31 at Staples Center.

“When my mom was mad at me and Pat Riley was mad at me they called me Glenn,” Rivers said. “So I guess now Draymond is in that category.”