High hoarse: Doc Rivers appreciates homage

Jamie Foxx recently paid tribute to the unique vocal stylings of Clippers coach Doc Rivers. Andrew D. Bernstein/Getty Images

LOS ANGELES -- Jamie Foxx only met Doc Rivers once, three years ago in a restaurant while Rivers was coaching the Boston Celtics, but apparently that's all Foxx needed to master his spot-on impersonation of Rivers' distinctively hoarse voice. Watch it here.

Foxx showed off his Rivers impersonation earlier this month during an appearance on "The Tonight Show," and no one enjoyed it more than Rivers himself just two days after a heartbreaking loss to the Houston Rockets in the second round of the playoffs ended the Clippers' season.

"It gave me some levity when I needed it," Rivers told The Beast 980 on Thursday. "It was hilarious and I loved it."

Rivers couldn't help but think back to his one and only meeting with Foxx when he watched the impersonation.

"I had dinner with him three years ago," Rivers said. "I was just in a restaurant and he walked in. I was coaching the Celtics and he just sits down at our table and starts talking. He kept talking about my voice. He said, 'Man, how do you get your voice that way?' And that's the last time I had seen him or met him. And then all of a sudden this comes out and I was thinking, 'Was he training that day? Was he trying to figure it out in that moment?' It turned out to be pretty funny."