Source: Scouts returning for 2015

LOS ANGELES -- One of Andrew Friedman’s main thrusts when he was introduced as the Dodgers new president of baseball operations Friday was continuity. Friedman said he wasn’t planning to clean house and bring on all new people, but instead to collaborate with the baseball-ops people in place and supplement with his own selective hires.

We’re still waiting on those hires -- including the general manager -- but it looks like he’s making good on one promise already.

The Dodgers are offering 2015 contracts to their entire pro-scouting and player-development staffs, according to a source. It also looks like Rick Ragazzo, who was a top assistant of Ned Colletti’s and the director of pro scouting under his regime, will be back though it’s unclear in exactly what capacity.

Most scouts operate on one-year contracts that traditionally expire Oct. 31.