Alex Guerrero says he's unfazed by Madison Bumgarner's yelling

LOS ANGELES -- Alex Guerrero said he had his head down while running and didn't understand what Madison Bumgarner was yelling at him during Tuesday night's game, but that he saw the video of the encounter and, with the help of teammates, was able to read Bumgarner's lips the next day.

Bumgarner, apparently upset about Guerrero's reaction to a seventh-inning pop-up -- he spun in a circle and spiked the bat after mishitting the pitch -- seemed to say, "You're not that good," along with an expletive, in Guerrero's direction several times.

The San Francisco Giants' TV broadcasters discussed Bumgarner's reaction as the play was unfolding. The Giants' ace stared at Guerrero from the moment he hit the pitch and seemed to be urging him to run the bases faster.

Guerrero hit a tying two-run home run off Bumgarner six days earlier in San Francisco.

“I think he was still thinking about the home run I hit in San Francisco, but I'm not the kind of person who gets upset at that kind of thing,” Guerrero said in Spanish. “To me, it's nothing.”

Bumgarner had a couple of clashes with Dodgers outfielder Yasiel Puig last season, yelling at Puig as he completed his home run trot in May and then hitting Puig in the ankle with a pitch in September. After he was hit, Puig lay in the dirt and stared in Bumgarner's direction. They exchanged words and the benches emptied. Both Guerrero and Puig are from Cuba and neither is fluent in English.