Justin Turner will be out at least a few days with leg infection

LOS ANGELES -- Justin Turner still could wind up on the 15-day disabled list because of an infection in his right leg.

Turner, the Los Angeles Dodgers' cleanup hitter, was at Dodger Stadium briefly to check in with trainers Wednesday, but was sent home to recover from the infection, according to manager Don Mattingly. Turner is on antibiotics and doctors took a culture to determine the nature of the infection. Mattingly said the initial suspicion was that Turner's infection came about because of an in-grown hair.

"It will be a couple days before we know," Mattingly said. "At this point, we're hopeful it's just a few days. I feel like we'll know a lot more after [Thursday]. The culture takes a couple days to come back."

Turner leads the Dodgers with a .950 OPS and his 3.5 WAR is second on the team to Adrian Gonzalez's.


After 15 straight games in the leadoff spot, Joc Pederson was dropped all the way to the No. 6 spot in the order as he tries to get out of a batting slump that has him hitting .176 with 28 strikeouts this month. Mattingly said he and the coaches had been debating moving Pederson for days.

He was replaced at leadoff hitter by veteran Jimmy Rollins, who began the season as the leadoff hitter but is batting just .210 for the season.

"[Pederson] seemed frustrated last night and I didn't want to really keep seeing that," Mattingly said. "We're just trying to take some pressure off him putting him back at the bottom. I know Jimmy can handle the top."


As the Dodgers wait for a trade with the Miami Marlins that would net them starting pitcher Mat Latos and first baseman Michael Morse to be finalized, it's believed they also are trying to acquire Jesse Chavez from the Oakland A's. Ironically, Chavez is scheduled to pitch against the Dodgers Wednesday night.

According to a source, Dodgers general manager Farhan Zaidi has been trying to acquire Chavez since he left Oakland to accept his position with the Dodgers in January.