Dave Roberts takes razor to the idea of a facial hair ban

GLENDALE, Ariz. -- As new Los Angeles Dodgers manager Dave Roberts establishes his own clubhouse culture, it will not have anything to do with banning facial hair.

The Miami Marlins created a little razor burn this past weekend with the announcement that they will not allow payers to grow facial hair.

New manager Don Mattingly claimed the idea was his, but anybody who watched the grizzly bear that was Justin Turner take the field for the Dodgers last season surely had their reservations about that. Scott Van Slyke and even Clayton Kershaw were other Dodgers players to sport facial hair under Mattingly’s Dodgers tenure.

A clean-shaven Roberts was asked his thoughts on the Marlins’ decision.

“I just heard that this morning,” said Roberts, who sported a goatee during his playing days. “To each his own. I think that every organization is different and certain managers and organizations pick their battles and have certain things they want to stand by. I hope it works out for him.”

Roberts already has said he has no intention of micromanaging his players, but that doesn’t mean he will be void of any clubhouse policies.

“I’ve said from Day 1, I think it’s all about managing people,” Roberts said, no longer on the topic of the Marlins’ policy. “They’re major league players, but they’re people. Everybody is different and you have to manage them different.

“So I think with that you have to have structure and there has to be a consistent message. For me it’s to allow the coaching staff and myself to manage each player individually, but also with the understanding that there is a common goal and structure behind it.”