Dodgers to play it safe with ailing catcher Yasmani Grandal

GLENDALE, Ariz. -- Calling it a precautionary move, the Los Angeles Dodgers are letting catcher Yasmani Grandal rest his sore right forearm until at least Sunday.

Grandal was supposed to return to action Thursday but was not in the lineup in the night game against the Cleveland Indians. He underwent a CT scan on his arm that came up negative, but the Dodgers will still go the conservative route with Opening Day just 11 days away.

“It’s not like I feel bad when I’m playing or anything,” Grandal said Thursday. “I feel like I’m ready. If the season was to start today, then I could start today. I’m swinging good. I’m throwing good. I’m catching good. That’s always a plus. Good thing about it if you can look on a positive side is I’m concentrating on my defense. They don’t want me to hit or anything, so let’s just concentrate on defense.”

Indeed, he did catch a bullpen session from Kenta Maeda on Thursday but did not throw the ball back to the pitcher, using minor league catcher Garrett Kennedy to do that instead.

Grandal is coming off shoulder surgery this offseason and suggested Tuesday that his arm soreness could be the result of overcompensating for the shoulder. It bothers him mostly when he swings. The soreness has been lingering for about two weeks and Grandal aggravated it while fouling off a ball in a game Monday.

“The scans came back and there was really nothing,” manager Dave Roberts said. “I think it’s more to tolerance. Yasmani might be able to get back in there from the player’s perspective, but I think for us, when you’re in there one day and can’t finish a game, we just want to nip it.”

The Dodgers will get Grandal back into action in minor league games to see where he stands with the arm soreness. He has every intention of being ready to go on April 4 when the Dodgers open the season at San Diego.

“We’re just taking a step back and saying it’s not April 4 yet,” Grandal said. “We’re still in spring training so we don’t want to go out there maybe a day early and we’re redoing it again.”