Dodgers after closed-door meeting: 'We're fine'

LOS ANGELES -- The Los Angeles Dodgers' closed-door meeting was brief, but designed to get the club back on track after getting swept in a four-game series by the Miami Marlins.

The media was sent into the hallway for about five minutes and about halfway through the meeting a big cheer erupted. A second set of double doors was closed and nothing else was heard.

When the doors opened afterward, the room seemed full of life, with one player telling a media member, “You missed it.”

Dodgers manager Dave Roberts gave no indications of what got the room to roar, but did touch on the essentials of the meeting.

“You just have to get back to the fundamentals and play clean, crisp baseball and play every pitch,” he said. “I think there are signs of that, but it’s sending a message that we’re fine. But let’s get back to the basics.”

Roberts called the meeting his way to forget about the recent past and just look forward. He said he was not disappointed with the team’s effort.

“Over the course of a season there will be times when you’re not playing well,” Roberts said. “You try not to be too results-driven, but I think that I’m taking a step back from that and I’m looking at that series. Hitting the reset button today was good and I think the guys took the message well and we’re in a good place right now.”