Don't bunt? Dodgers' Josh Reddick says you can't be so literal

SAN DIEGO -- It seemed like blasphemy Wednesday night, or at the very least a cruel bait-and-switch, when the Los Angeles DodgersJosh Reddick laid down a bunt single in the ninth inning.

Sure, the Dodgers needed a baserunner down one to the San Diego Padres. Sure, the Padres had on an exaggerated infield shift, basically giving Reddick a free base. But Reddick is the guy who was not only wearing a funny T-shirt when taking a recent photograph with Vin Scully, he was making a baseball statement.

Wasn’t he?


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Well, it turns out, Reddick’s T-shirt was more humorous than literal. The shirt reads “HOW TO BUNT” across the top. Then it says, “1. DON’T; 2. HIT A DINGER.” Reddick was wearing it in the clubhouse before Wednesday’s game.

Well, maybe the message isn’t meant to be followed all of the time. Reddick bunted knowing the Dodgers needed a baserunner. But he actually did honor the T-shirt first.

“Yeah, I would have loved to have hit a homer; I tried to do that my first swing and he gave me a changeup,” Reddick said. “I just figured leadoff guy, I’ve got on and get into scoring position the best I could.”

Reddick said the shirt was meant to honor the wacky “Baseball Wisdom” videos on YouTube. He found the shirt online, and it has kind of taken on a life of its own, helped, of course, by the fact that he wore it when he went up to see Scully, while the Hall of Fame broadcaster was wearing a dress shirt and tie.

“I’m a man for funny T-shirts,” Reddick said. “I follow (the shirt’s message) just most of the way. If something like that comes around or if I have to do it, then I do it. It’s all about whatever it takes.”