Wallach's focus on the playoffs, not managing jobs

LOS ANGELES -- Until he someday becomes a major league manager, Dodger third base coach Tim Wallach’s name is going to come up whenever there’s an opening. It’s been that way for a few years now, and it’ll be that way this offseason. Right now though, there’s still way too much baseball to be played to think of the future.

“It’s nice, and I think everybody knows I want to manage someday,” Wallach said of the speculation about his future.

“But right now my focus is completely on what we’re doing here in L.A. and trying to win a World Series.”

Wallach was the runner up for the Boston Red Sox job last winter. At one point, the former Pacific Coast League manager of the year was one of the favorites to land the Dodgers job when Joe Torre retired in 2010. But Wallach reiterated that his focus now is on the Dodgers postseason.

“I thought that went well,” he said of the interview process in Boston. “It was a good experience for me. And certainly something I want to do. But right now my whole focus is here. “

Wallach has served as manager Don Mattingly’s third base coach for the past three seasons. This season has clearly been the most enjoyable.

“It’s been great. As slow of a start as we got off to, and all the negative things going around, to turn around like we did – Donny and the players deserve a ton of credit,” Wallach said. “They just decided it was time to turn it on and they did and ended up playing up as good of baseball as anyone has for a 50-80 game period.”