Kershaw, Kuroda, Loney, Kemp and Ethier are Gold Glove award finalists

If the Rawlings Gold Glove Awards have publicized the three finalists for each position before, I don't remember it. But thanks to this announcement of ESPN2's first-ever broadcast of the "Rawlings Gold Glove Awards Show" on November 1, I can now tell you the following:

  • Of the three finalists for the National League pitcher Gold Glove, two are Dodgers: Clayton Kershaw (who all season has seemed like a strong candidate to win) and Hiroki Kuroda.

  • The Dodgers have three other finalists, but only one won't completely surprise you and another might shock you. There's James Loney at first base, Matt Kemp in center field and Andre Ethier in right field.

The Gold Glove Awards didn't used to specify outfield positions, which meant in a given year three center fielders in each league could win the honor. But that has changed, opening the door for Kemp (advanced defensive stats be damned) and Ethier (who actually performs surprisingly well in the stats, according to Fangraphs). In any case, scanning the full list of nominations, I don't think they have this thing quite down to a science.

Ultimately, I'd be surprised if any Dodger besides Kershaw and Loney won.