The good or bad of it

The good or bad of it, as I see it, is this:

If the Dodgers win their upcoming series against Colorado and Cincinnati as part of a 6-1 week, while Philadelphia and San Francisco (who play each other starting Tuesday) beat each other up as part of .500 weeks, the Dodgers might only be three or four games behind in the National League wild card race with six weeks to go.

That's not all likely to happen – I'm not remotely suggesting it will happen – but it's not so unlikely.

If it does happen, that means the Dodgers are firmly in the playoff hunt, even if the odds remain against them.

It doesn't mean the Dodgers are a good team, let alone a playoff team. But you don't need to be a good team to have a good week. And, rightly or wrongly, a good week can change your outlook significantly.