Pivotal moment could turn trial against Frank McCourt

Doubt intensified about the legitimacy of the post-nuptial agreement between Frank and Jamie McCourt after lawyer Larry Silverstein, who drafted the agreement on behalf of both, testified in court today that he altered the agreement after it was signed and didn't tell Jamie about the change.

If, because of questions concerning the agreement, Frank loses the case or is forced to settle — two events that would lead to joint ownership rights — that could lead to a sale of the Dodgers, pending appeals if there is no settlement.

From ESPN.com:

In a key exchange, Jamie McCourt's attorney David Boies questioned Silverstein about the change made to the agreement:

"The words that you wrote on the California version of exhibit A mean that Frank's interest in the Dodgers is not included in his separate property, correct?" Boies asked.

"That's not what I meant," Silverstein replied.

Boies: "But it's how it reads, correct?"

Silverstein: "Just going by the words that's correct. But it was an error."

Boies: "Who gets to determine which of the two versions is in error? Is that up to you, unilaterally?"

Silverstein: "No."