The Dodger-Giant tradeoff

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"He was sentenced to be my Butler."Juan Uribe is poised to become the 47th player to wear both a Giants and Dodgers uniform since 1988, according to Baseball-Reference.com via ESPN Stats and Information (which also provides this analysis of the Uribe signing).

Though signing ex-Giants might seem a Ned Colletti fetish, the players have been going between the two teams in a relatively steady stream over those past 22 years, with hardly a moment, if any, in which at least one player on one team hadn't at one time played on the other.

If you'll allow for the somewhat subjective characterizations below, you'll find that the Giants and Dodgers have had similar success (or lack thereof) with transplants. The number of players who have made relevant contributions to both teams is only five (and that includes Matt Herges and Marquis Grissom as "relevant"). Conversely, nearly half of the players on this list have been pretty much meaningless for both teams.

By the same token, the number of players going from relevancy with one team to irrelevancy with the other, or vice versa, has been practically equal.

If there's any sort of noteworthy differential, it's been that the Dodgers have been more likely to make an irrelevant Giant fill the same role in Los Angeles. I mean, really – 15 of these guys?

Anyway, I'm more than a bit concerned that Uribe will become relevant-Giant-turned-irrelevant-Dodger No. 9, but Dodger fans can hope for the best.

Relevant Giant becomes relevant Dodger (2)

Brett Butler

Jeff Kent

Relevant Dodger becomes relevant Giant (3)

Marquis Grissom

Matt Herges

Dave Roberts

Irrelevant Giant becomes irrelevant Dodger (15)

Troy Brohawn

Gary Carter

Dennis Cook (pitched well but briefly for both teams)

Jose Cruz, Jr.

Roberto Hernandez

Shea Hillenbrand

Ricky Ledee

Justin Miller

Terry Mulholland

Rick Parker

F.P. Santangelo

Cory Snyder

Mark Sweeney

Jack Taschner

Rick Wilkins

Irrelevant Dodger becomes irrelevant Giant (6)

Dave Anderson

Todd Benzinger

Eric Davis

Tom Goodwin

Jim Poole

Jose Vizcaino (twice)

Relevant Giant becomes irrelevant Dodger (8)

Brian Johnson (afraid so)

Darren Lewis

Ramon Martinez (II)

Brent Mayne

Bill Mueller

Russ Ortiz

Jason Schmidt

Brett Tomko

Relevant Dodger becomes irrelevant Giant (6)

Steve Finley (a half season in L.A., but a big one)

Orel Hershiser

Guillermo Mota

Brad Penny

Darryl Strawberry (had big '91 season)

Eric Young

Irrelevant Giant becomes relevant Dodger (3)

Wilson Alvarez

Trenidad Hubbard (hit .304 in 313 at-bats in Los Angeles)

Kenny Lofton (hit .301 in Los Angeles)

Irrelevant Dodger becomes relevant Giant (3)

Stan Javier

Felix Rodriguez

Cody Ross (afraid so)