PodKast: On Kobe's knee, his new Least Favorite Question, and Browns Shannon and Kwame

The preseason is in full swing, and even though the final scores don't count, there's plenty to kick around with the purple and gold. Which explains why this week, after a quick Phil Jackson soundbite, we spend the next 10 minutes or so talking about old school professional wrasslin'. From Cowboy Bob Orton and "Mr. Wonderful" Paul Orndorff (common thread- both used plaster arm casts for nefarious purposes inside the ring) to the Von Erich brothers and Kamala the Ugandan Giant, we cover a fair amount of ground.

This before getting sidetracked by other matters (9:45), like the state of Kobe Bryant through the first three games of the preseason. On the one hand, he's moving well, playing without a brace or sleeve, and reporting no problems. On the other, he's coming off another surgery on his right knee- they're piling up- and what was an injury plagued '09-'10 season. And he's 4-of-28 from the floor heading into the weekend.

If it's too early to worry now (and it is), Andy and I pin a date to the calendar when, should Bryant still be struggling, it's ok to get concerned, and why.

From there (14:30), it's on to Michael Jordan's comments about Bryant's place in history. Is saying Kobe "has got to be in the top 10" among guards just a simple and honest answer to a question, or a poke at the guy seen by many as at least approaching M.J. in the rear view mirror? And if Jordan's comments, which will be relayed back to Bryant, aren't enough to make Kobe's eyes roll back into his head- there are few subjects he dislikes talking about more than comparisons to Jordan, or their relative places in history- we touch on another he clearly doesn't like: So Kobe, what do you think of the Heat? (18:00)

Who can blame him?

Still, how much do the Heat motivate the Lakers? (22:30)

From there, we wrap things with praise for Shannon Brown's performance in the early going (30:30), praise for opposable thumbs, and ask if former Laker Kwame Brown really is the worst fantasy basketball player in the world.