Details set for Ron Artest's ring raffle

Add one more thing to the agenda for Christmas Day.

Not only will the Lakers welcome the Miami Heat to Staples Center (perhaps you read about this game somewhere?) that afternoon, but on Dec. 25 Ron Artest will raffle off his '09-'10 championship ring. Meaning someone is going to end up with the sort of present unavailable to even the nicest on Santa's list.

Last month, Artest announced his intention to give away his ring to raise money for mental health charities, though the details were a little foggy. No more. Raffle tickets -- meaning no auction, so the process is commendably egalitarian -- will be sold for $2 each though Artest's website, with a minimum purchase of five. Proceeds will benefit Artest's charity, Xcel University, then be distributed to a pair of mental health charities to be designated later this month.

Ten bucks for a crack at a title ring? Not bad. I didn't expect otherwise, but kudos to Artest for following through on his pledge. And because the raffle makes it so accessible, I suspect he'll raise a ton of money for an important cause.