New ESPN Los Angeles Kamenetzky Brothers Lakers Podkast

Ear candy for all our friends!!! A particularly exciting show, as our producer CJ Newton's absurdly swollen schedule forced us to make a choice: either run the board ourselves or risk no show being recorded. Some people with zero experience pushing buttons and turning dials (or a clue what the hell said buttons or dials do) would back off. We call those wimps podcasters. PodKasters, however, laugh in the face of danger, especially if failure to rise means a deprived Laker Nation. Frankly, that's just not a world we're prepared to see exist. Thus, the Kamenetzky Brothers soldiered forward.

How many mistakes were made as a result of our bumbling incompetence? You'll never know unless you listen.

-(2:37 mark): A purple and gold health update (recorded, mind you, before last night's injury-a-palooza). Ron Artest. Pau Gasol. Luke Walton. Plus, of course, Kobe Bryant, who's playing with a fractured right index finger clearly affecting his shot and handle. While Brian and I are concerned by an unwillingness to dial back his aggressiveness (or just refrain from cranking it up), we do admire The Mamba's threshold for pain, revealed even further during a secretly recorded conversation with the Land O' Lakers hidden mics.

-(15:31 mark): Andrew Bynum-Chris Bosh trade rumors in The New York Post got everyone in a tizzy, despite quite literally nothing mentioned to suggest a swap is being formally discussed, much less on the verge of happening. We replay Bynum's unintentionally amusing response to the chatter and break down why the transaction might strike someone as necessary or smart (although neither of us think it'll happen).

-With the Texas Two Step underway (and unfortunately, set for no better than a split with even more injury issues), we get some perspective on the Dallas Mavericks from Rob Mahoney of The Two Man Game and Hardwood Paroxysm. Topics include the first and second showdowns between these teams, the effect of Erick Dampier's presence and a comparison between Gasol and Dirk Nowitzki. (If you want to just hear the interview itself, click here.)

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