Lakers Late Night: 11.19 vs. Minnesota

Friday night at Target Center in Minneapolis, the Lakers delivered the beating of the Minnesota Timberwolves everyone expected when the teams met at Staples ten days ago. Final score, 112-95.

Here's the breakdown, and the box score. And below, the Lakers Late Night replay. Topics include:

-A perfect night for Matt Barnes, and how he continues to exceed our expectations. He's a guy with a skill set perfectly tailored for a high quality team.

-L.A.'s depth again shines, as both Kobe Bryant and Pau Gasol have off nights while the Lakers win going away.

-If the Lakers lost someone from the rotation for 10 games or so, whose absence would hurt most?

-Second half injury scares to Gasol and Shannon Brown drive home how fast a season can change.

Plus, very authentic sounding pirate sounds!