Lakers Late Night vs. Jazz

The Lakers don't get the win, but big picture it should be a fairly easy loss for fans to shake off. Among the topics discussed after Utah's 102-96 win over the purple and gold:

-A poor night for the reserves, and from beyond the arc. Both served more to remind everyone how good those areas have been. Sometimes this sort of thing happens.

-Kobe Bryant's erratic night. Couldn't buy a bucket, then ripped off 14 points in about 150 seconds.

-Ron Artest. How much should he be playing at the end of games?

All of that, plus jam eating vs. marinade drinking (see below), bad Black Friday decorum, taking an elbow to preserve democracy, and much more.

Now on to serious business. Andy says my love of eating jam/preserves from the jar is disgusting and weird. I say his love of drinking marinates and salad dressings makes my jam habit look positively conventional by comparison. What say you?

More off-putting habit: Brian eating jam/preserves straight from the jar, or Andy drinking marinades/salad dressings?online surveys