Derek Fisher breaks down the final play: Postgame video

No, the first option for the Lakers in what would become the game winning sequence in Wednesday's 87-86 win over the Clippers was not Derek Fisher receiving the ball near halfcourt with about three seconds to play, then putting it on the floor and driving to the bucket. I don't exactly know where it was on the list, but it definitely wasn't first.

In the video below, Fish breaks down the final play, adding a lot of interesting details about how he prepared himself mentally for what he might have to do if he got the ball depending on how the defense responded, the difficulty players have in defending situations like that, and whether he had a chance to see the clock before starting his move (a strong hint: no, he didn't).

As Fish can do, he's able to provide a fair amount of detail, essentially noting the anatomy of an end-game possession. Interesting stuff...

More below the jump from Fisher, including insight into some of his postgame words to teammates, and why he felt it necessary to speak. Video as well from Phil Jackson and Kobe Bryant.

Fisher, on the need for guys to come together collectively (the subject of his words to teammates):

Jackson, on the win, among other things:

Jackson, on the confidence he has in his team, and how that develops over the course of a season:

Jackson, on Artest's defense and why he was on the floor late: