Christmas Eve movies: Lakers practice report, videos

I've got a Christmas Eve dinner to prepare, so the talkies will be relayed in fairly straight forward presentation. Still, you will remain in the loop as Lakers-Heat fast approaches, which is all that really matters.

First, let's kick things off with Ron Artest, because his clip covers so many bases. Everybody gets wished a happy holiday, Hollis Queens-style. From there, thoughts are shared on his championship ring raffle to benefit mental health charities, why he'd prefer LeBron James play angry and the hype surrounding Saturday's contest. And finally, a reporter is jokingly asked if he's on Ecstasy.

Never let it be said Ron-Ron didn't bring gifts for the media.

Phil Jackson talks about Dwyane Wade (whom he expects to play Saturday), the progress made by the Miami Heat and "The Decision," which he didn't watch.

More from Phil, this time about Andrew Bynum, the game and Erik Spoelstra. It wasn't too long ago when Spo's job security (or the perceived lack thereof) was a hot topic of gossip. Jackson added fuel to the campfire by wondering if Pat Riley might be ascending from the front office to swoop the gig. Since then, the Heat have jelled and no change is expected at the helm. So what does PJ think now about the young peer from South Beach?

"I think he's going to be the Coach of the Year," said Jackson with a playful smile.

Oh, Zen Master. You incorrigible little scamp!

Bynum talks about his health, why minutes are more important to him than starting and an increasingly difficult schedule for the Lakers: