Lakers abuse the Cavs: Postgame video

Not since the lake burned (or Earnest Byner fumbled, or LeBron decided to dabble in television programming, or other things I'm probably forgetting) has Cleveland been eviscerated like they were Tuesday night. The Lakers set a team record in the post-shot clock era for fewest points allowed, notching the third-most lopsided victory in team history, beating the Cavs (or dudes in Cavs jerseys, at least) 112-57.

To put this in perspective, we're talking about over 4,930 games, and only twice have the Lakers won by a bigger margin, the record being a 162-99 win over Golden State in March of 1972. It was, plain and simple, a beat down of fairly epic proportions, fueled by a defense holding the Cavs to 30 percent shooting (29.9 to be exact).

No surprise, a focused, 48-minute performance on that end of the floor was the main point of conversation after the game. While trying to show some respect for their opponent, the Lakers were happy with their work, but clearly understood they did it against a bad team made worse by multiple key injuries. Great night, move along. That was the theme.

See Phil Jackson's postgame comments here, and click below the jump for more from Andrew Bynum, Lamar Odom, and Shannon Brown. Additional coverage of Tuesday's rout can be found here with The McTen, the postgame wrap, and the Lakers Live! replay.

Bynum, on the lopsided nature of things, and the team's focus:

Brown, on what the team is doing well, regardless of the opponent:

Odom, on why the game was so lopsided, and what the Lakers take away from it: