The NBA lets Shannon dunk!

In the 2010 dunk contest, more specifically. Shannon Brown's allowed to throw down in a regular game whenever the urge hits him.

His fellow competitors will include defending champ Nate Robinson, the high-flying Gerald Wallace and the "dunk-in" winner between USC "alum" DeMar DeRozan or the Clippers' Eric Gordon (who I've seen dunk maybe ten times in my life, but like they say, it's always the quiet ones that surprise).

Great news for the Lakers reserve guard. As I mentioned yesterday, he's come a long way since the beginning of last season when an NBA roster spot wasn't a given. It's a credit to both being in --or being traded to-- the right place at the right time and maintaining a positive, hard working attitude. We'll be sure to get reaction from Shannon at tonight's game against the Magic, and judging by the following clip of SB discussing what it would mean to be selected, it'll be one happy camper interviewed.

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